Latest News

!!! 10/03/2020 NEWS FLASH !!!

PASA just announced a breakthrough with the implementation of a new system to provide high quality parrot rings to the public. This coincided with the takeover of Tomri Rings and we welcome all their clients. The advantages of the new system include the following:

1) Reduction in the price of some popular ring sizes.
2) Quick delivery.
3) Reasonable courier costs.
4) The public in general may order rings and not only PASA members.
5) Members will enjoy a tariff below the standard tariff.
6) Strict standards are set for quality control.

We invite all to make use of this opportunity to order your rings from PASA and will welcome feedback.

Please see our website: or contact our office to place an order.

!!! 22/01/2020 Urgent Announcement !!!

PASA has noted the current allegations made against Antonie Meiring with extreme concern. We are urgently investigating the matter and will provide feedback as soon as possible.
We stand by our strict code of conduct applicable to all our members and will not tolerate any breach thereof by anybody associated with PASA.

Ben Minnaar
PASA Chairman


Time flies when you are having fun and 2019 is already a few months old. As far as the our operations are concerned the internal registration of Cites I species is finalized. After the catastrophic upgrading of African greys at CoP 17 a huge number of African grey breeders have been registered in Switzerland and we can be proud that the most registered Cites I parrot breeding facilities are now in South Africa. An African Grey fund was also established with the sole porpuse of protecting the wild African grey population. Projects are currently identified worthy of our support.

We are still building our relations with the South African authorities and are getting their full support despite challenges they experience.

We are going to again represent our members at the upcoming CoP18 event and wish our representatives well.

With the ongoing outbreak of HPAI the exports are still struggling to get under way and we hope that matters will improve.

Lastly, we would like to look back on the year 2018 where we lost some great friends of the parrot industry. In this regard we would like to make special mention of the beloved Dr Chris Kinsley, one of the founding members of PASA.