Where it all started....

On 26 November 1980, the Avicultural Board of Southern Africa was founded at a meeting at the Helderfontein Conference Centre near Fourways. The main aim was to organise the avian industry and to protect the interests of members.

Dr David Russel was elected as the first chairperson and Dianne Buckley as the secretary. Among the founding members were Dr Chris Kingsley, David and Vera Dennison, Louis Bothma, John Connan, Hans Breytenbach, Dr Lukas Stolz, Kiepie Herholdt, Craig Smith, Arthur and Jill Duvenhage, Nico Theunissen and Mike Bester.

Two years later, Dr Chris Kingsley took over as chairperson. In 1989, Dr Kingsley resigned as chairperson due to the workload in his practice, and Louis Bothma was elected as chairperson.

Dirk Grobler also deserves special mention for his dedicated efforts to establish breeder registration for the Avicultural Board.

Initially, the Avicultural Board of Southern Africa had its rings manufactured by a well-known ring manufacturer. However, due to the large quantities it took too long to complete orders, and a decision was taken to develop a machine to manufacture the Boards own rings.

During the 1995 CONGRESS, a decision was taken to change the name of AVICULTURAL BOARD to AVICULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA.

During the 2007 congress, the name was again changed to PARROT BREEDERS’ ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA because it was more descriptive, since most members only breed with parrots.