About PASA

About PASA

The Parrot Breeders’ Association of Southern Africa (PASA) is a membership organisation with the main aim of protecting and promoting the interests of its members and to deliver a service to them.

The Annual General Meeting is the policy-making authority of PASA. The AGM consists of vote-carrying representatives from PASA clubs, as well as affiliated members.

A PASA club consists of at least five members who are all members of PASA, and is governed by its own constitution. PASA clubs function independently and choose their own office bearers.

Individuals who are not members of a PASA club, may conditionally join the PASA as an affiliated member.

The management of PASA is handled by an Executive Committee, elected by the AGM. The EXCO meets at least three times a year.

The day to day activities of PASA is managed from an office located in Vryburg in the North West Province.

PASA is an organisation for everyone involved in some way with parrots – therefore you are invited to join as soon as possible. Please visit “Membership” on the web for an application form.

* The goals of PASA are to:

Protect the rights of members to (a) keep parrots as pets, (b) breed with parrots, and (c) to trade with parrots. This constitutes the parrot industry;
Promote the parrot industry in all legal forms, together with related industries and organisations;
Establish and maintain an efficient organisation on local, regional and national level by way of clubs, regions and a national body;
Be a mouthpiece for its members, clubs and regions;
Inform its members and affiliated organisations on the latest developments at especially national and international level with regard to activities and developments that influence the parrot industry;
Provide guidance to members and roleplayers on how to care for, house, breed and trade with parrots in captivity;
Coordinate, maintain, promote and protect the interests of enthusiasts, breeders, traders, veterinary surgeons and researchers involved in the parrot industry;
Strive for the development of scientific avian breeding in captivity;
Promote the preservation of endangered parrot species;
Work hand in hand with the authorities and provide them with specialized knowledge with regard to the breeding and keeping of parrots, but to counter any restrictive measures and regulations that infringe upon the rights of members in ways decided on by PASA and its Executive Committee;
Work together with national and international organisations on any aspect that may concern the activities of PASA and its members without infringing upon the rights of PASA and its members;
Take disciplinary action, taking into account the rules of natural entitlement and according to the rules approved by PASA, against a member, club or region that does not take proper care of parrots under its care, or that harms the good name of PASA or the parrot industry in any way.